Zamani Foundation is committed to peace-building initiatives through advocacy for value re-orientation in the society. Values make a society. The lack of value is the bane of societal development. Value re-orientation is the key to achieving this goal since enhanced children's rights, gender equality protection and opportunity for all is indicative of what value a society places on the well being of its citizenry. Intolerance creates the atmosphere for conflicts. Lack of values breeds intolerance. To stem the sustained onslaught on peace in the society as seen through several ethic, religious and political conflicts that threaten the very fabric of our society, values must be properly re-oriented, children taken off the streets, women and youth rights enhanced. We are at the forefront of initiating and implementing programs aimed at addressing the challenges to peace in the society especially as it affects vulnerable groups (women, children and youths). One forceful manifestation of these social problems is the menace of street children, violence against women, and of course the activities of militia in the country.                                

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